Mariner Athletics & Recreation

Coastal Georgia is a member of the Sun Conference (NAIA) and offers the following intercollegiate athletic programs:

    • Men’s & Women’s Basketball
    • Men’s & Women’s Tennis
    • Men’s & Women’s Golf
    • Women’s Volleyball
    • Women’s Softball

The Mariners have been successful on both the regional and national stage, bringing home national championships in Men’s Golf, and regional titles in Women’s Volleyball.

Our Club Sports and Intramural programs provide all students the opportunity to participate in athletics at a level of your choosing. Whether a spectator or a competitor, Coastal Georgia has something for you!



So we have a bunch of men and women's sports. We are in a NAIA Sun Conference. And so we have tennis. We have basketball. We have golf. We have volleyball. And we also have softball. It's so important to be involved in physical activity. Sometimes we just need to get out. We need to socialize. And we need to get active because it releases those positive endorphins that keep you moving. And so we have awesome outlets that help complete that.

And we have three facilities. We have the Brig, The Fitness Center, and The Rec. And so the fitness center is steel plate weights and get in there and get all big and swoll. Brig is our functional fitness room. It's kind of, like, CrossFit stuff, bumper plates, things like that-- flip a tire, climb a rock wall. We have a rotating rock wall that's really cool that I've never seen at any other campus, and there's also a veterans lounge in there just for veterans to go in there and kind of destretch and whatnot.

But in the rec room is a traditional rec room. There's a lot of people to go in there, a lot of my friends. I met my roommate who is now my best friend. I met him in the rec room. He was playing pool and I asked if I could hop in and play with him, and now we're roommates. So you can go in there and meet a bunch of people. Because you come into campus, you don't know anybody. And that's a good way to meet people. You just go in there and kind of hang out.