Supporting Student Success

Academic Support

  • The Office of Academic Affairs is committed to assist students in accessing campus resources and services that will increase their likelihood of making a smooth transition to college and achieving academic and personal success. Our Center for Academic Advising strives to empower our students to develop and implement sound academic plans that are consistent with their personal values, educational goals, and career plans. The ATTIC enhances the opportunities for students to achieve academic excellence and personal growth by offering individual and small group tutoring facilitated by peer tutors, and Supplemental Instruction is offered for designated courses.
  • Service-Learning offers students structured off-campus experiences in all sectors of the community that are connected to their potential major area of study or general education course.  Students who qualify can benefit from academic support through the federally funded TRiO program and the Writing Center provides one-on-one in-depth writing coaching that develops writing skills by identifying patterns of errors, expectations in writing styles, and what it means to be a writer at the college level.

Student Services

  • Coastal Georgia offers a wide-range of services to help students achieve their goals – whatever those may be! Career Services can assist students in developing a comprehensive career development plan designed to prepare them for the world of work. When it comes to campus activities, Mariner Recreation has you covered. Whether you want to play intramural sports with friends, get in shape through fitness or just kick back and relax, Mariner Recreation has what you need to meet your health and fitness goals.
  • The College also offers free health services and provides quality health and preventative services for students to assist in developing and maintaining good health and well-being necessary for success in college and beyond.

I tell students I can guarantee them three things, that they're going to be challenged here, that you're going to be supported here, and that you're going to be engaged.

You know, I've been in higher education for almost 20 years now, and I don't think I've ever been at an institution that supports our students academically as much as we do at the College of Coastal Georgia.

Resources like The ATTIC The Writing Center, our TRiO program, our supplemental instructors, our tutors, our online tutoring options, the list goes on, and on, and on, not to mention the fact that our classes are taught by actual faculty members and not graduate students.

The career fairs, we have them all the time. And so there's the Marine Corps over here. There's the FBI over here. There's Waffle House. There's all kinds of stuff. And so if you can think about it, they're here trying to get you a job, trying to get you to your next phase in life. There's always something for everybody.

Here at CCGA, the school really cares about your success. They offer tutoring in The ATTIC. There's help in The Writing Center. The library is always here for you. There's study rooms inside of the library that you can use as well as in your dorm rooms. And even in your RAs, if you need help, they're always there to help you, too.