Life on Campus

Student life is an important aspect of the full experience at College of Coastal Georgia. Whether you're interested in one of our 40 student organizations, student leadership opportunities, or community service and outreach, Coastal Georgia has a wealth of opportunities for on- and off-campus involvement. Campus traditions like MarinerFest, InternationalFest, and Homecoming celebrate our Mariner culture. With movies, comedians, band, lectures, outdoor adventure trips, games, and more, there is always something to do!

Here at Coastal Georgia, we have lots of events. We have the Mariner Fest, we have homecoming, we have plenty of movie nights, plenty of game night. We have different events inside of your dorms as well. So your RA will personally get to know you. And whenever there's an event, they'll email you, text you, Snapchat you, whatever.

Any time you walk through campus, you walk from your res hall to and throughout campus, and you see all these people. And so throughout, you're going to see tables of people are going to be like, hey, what's going on? And so you get to get involved so you can't help but like join something, which is awesome.

So in the front of the Campus Center, you have the bookstore. So in the bookstore, you can find your books, and then that's where you get all your t-shirts, and your sweatpants, and other things like that. And then if you look to the left after you get there, you have [INAUDIBLE] Theater. And that's where we play all of our monthly movies at and stuff like that. Upstairs, you have your student life offices. So you go up there, and then you'll find Office of Admissions and another lounge. So you go in there. People do their homework in there.

On campus, we have a lot of different food options. So we have Dockside Deli, which is on the center of campus. And then you can go to Mariners Galley, and that's where we have all of our dining. Everybody there's so awesome. We also have Starbucks coffee over in the bookstore. So if you just need a drink, it's next to all of our academic buildings, too. It's super nice.

But if you want to go off campus, you're just feeling like something different, we live five minutes from the bridge to island. So we have places like Knots Landing. We have Iguanas. We have Palmer's. Everywhere's so good. You just kind of close your eyes and pick, and then you go, and it's usually awesome.