Programs & Majors

Coastal Georgia offers diverse academic programs through its School of Arts & Sciences, School of Business & Public Management, and School of Nursing & Health Sciences.

Our bachelor programs prepare students to succeed in the workforce and in advanced studies in many different fields. Some of our most popular majors are business, health sciences, biology, and psychology. Students may customize their course of studies through concentrations in subjects such as marketing, accounting, secondary education, and more.

Career associate programs prepare students to thrive as culinary and healthcare professionals.

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I think the hands-on experience that our students get in our academic programs is just so special for them as they think about the next steps into the workforce. And so I look at programs like coastal ecology and environmental science that really benefit from the local area and the opportunity students have to do research and hands-on kind of experiential learning.

And then you also look at our criminal justice program. We have the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center here in Brunswick. And it gives great opportunities for our students to be connected to their faculty there, to their services, and all of the things that that center does. And those partnerships are really, really strong.

And then you add to that programs like our hospitality programs and culinary arts. And you look at the resorts and the different hospitality industry opportunities that are in this region, in Jekyll Island and on Sea Island and on St. Simons Island, it's just a really great learning opportunity for our students.

And those are great places to, as soon as you graduate, just go into right off the bat. They also take in a lot of students from Coastal, and they also provide a lot of internships. And a lot of people that are in the hospitality and tourism major right now also do part-time jobs at Sea Island and the Jekyll Island Club.

With the mathematics majors, they go into a number of fields-- biostatistics, which is really hot right now. They also go into education, like as secondary mathematics teachers, or they go on to just become college professors.